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How Does 8020 Graphics Work?


SIGN UP and choose between a monthly or annual subscription.


Tell us about your brand / business, what designs do you need and what it’s for. We have a whole bunch of questions that will help you create a detailed brief. The more clarity you have, the better our designs. So take your time.


One of our awesome designers is assigned to your account and will start working on your project through a queueing system. Log into your account regularly to see your designs, and let us know when we’ve nailed it.


Stay in touch regularly and help your designer bring your ideas to life and deliver requests on time. Great communication along with honest and detailed feedback is key to a successful outcome.


Shoot your designer a message with a big thumbs up once you are happy with the designs. The sooner you let them know, the sooner you can have it in your hot little hands!


When your project is finalised, you’ll receive the native files to download and share!

What can you create for me?

Pretty much anything! We design a lot of materials from professional calling cards to unique illustrated characters. You can check out our full list of products and services here.

Unlimited? Really?

Yes! One of our designers will be assigned to your account and you can send in as many requests and revisions as you like. You’ll be pleased to know that we’re super organised and stay on top of your requests with our queuing system.Take note however that projects and tasks will be queued as is our system of managing them here at 8020 Graphics.

What info do you need from my end?

Size and dimensions of final design

Samples of similar designs you like

Colour palette

What is the purpose of your design and where will it be displayed?  Eg. Print, Digital Ads, Downloadables, T-Shirt

Who technically owns the work?

You do! And you can use what you own in whatever way you want; whether it’s for personal or commercial purposes.  And because we’re always proud of our work, you may see some of what we’ve done for you showcased on our website and other media platforms.  Just let us know if you have any preferences on how we share.

Where do you get your fonts?

We use Google Fonts as they have a large selection to choose from and they’re fonts are acceptable for commercial use.  Say goodbye to challenges with fonts licensing!

How soon can I expect my requests/revisions to be completed?

The turnaround time is usually 2-3 business days although this amount of time may vary depending on the complexity and number of requests and revisions are queued in your account.  Staying in regular contact with your designer and respecting the creative process is key to successful design.  

I’m in a rush! Can I request express designs?

Our designers are super talented and can deliver great designs in a snap!

Clients who have built a good working relationship with their designers can make requests for express designs (with the understanding that their designer can only proceed if there is adequate time for delivery).

So if you have a lot of other tasks in the queue and you need help pronto, we recommend signing up for an extra account to access another dedicated designer for your projects.

SIGN UP quickly so we can get started ASAP!

How many projects can I have running simultaneously?

As many as you like! 8020 Graphics is all about unlimited designs, unlimited revisions and requests.  We stay organised and on track with our queuing system.

If you badly need more designs done right away, we recommend signing up for an extra account to access another dedicated designer.

Can I talk directly to my designer?

Of course you can.  We believe in collaboration and maintaining a clear communication line between designer and client.  The more clarity and connection, the better our designs.

Is there a contract? What are the terms?

No strings, no contracts, no long-term commitment.

Our service gives you the freedom to choose from a monthly or yearly subscription.  It’s that easy!

What files do I get once my designs are complete?

You get everything!  Our designer will hand over the native Adobe files (including the source assets utilised for your design).

Do you offer consultative design?

8020 Graphics is subscription-based and solely focused on delivering premium design.  So if you’re business needs help with a rebrand, website design or a logo designed from scratch we can connect you to some seriously talented people who can help you with that, just send us an email and request a recommendation.

What are the payment terms and options?

You have a choice of signing up for a monthly or yearly subscription and process secure payment with PayPal (which accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or payment with your bank account).

I have a question, but it’s not here.

No problem!  You can send us an email with your question and we’ll get back to you asap.

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