Getting a Graphic Designer vs Doing It Yourself

When the time has come to cut down on costs, oftentimes it is graphic design that first gets the chop. A lot of times, some business owners have the notion that graphic design is so easy, why not they just do it themselves. After all, with the tons of online tools and templates, graphic design is just mish mashing shapes, colors, and text together right?

Erhm . . . Not quite.

Let’s put it this way: Even if you do know how to use a hammer and a nail, would you be able to build a house for someone to live in? Maybe you can craft wooden trinkets, fix furniture or make a few of your own, but certainly not be able to build a house or trust yourself that it will be a decent, reliable one. At times like these, it is best to hand over the hammers and nails to the engineer and carpenter.

At some point, you have to leave it the professionals; hiring a graphic designer or subscribing to a design service, even at the cost. Here are a few reasons why:


Saves you plenty of time

Time is money, and in running a business it couldn’t be truer. There are so many aspects in managing a business that you, realistically, wouldn’t be able to handle it all. As a business owner, one thing has to be prioritized over another – would you rather be spending time tending customers and building relationships with potential ones, or be chained to your desk all day long designing business cards and flyers yourself?

And even if you do have staff members at the ready, each of them has their own main set of tasks to fulfil. Ones that fall beyond their area of expertise or priority list – say, again, designing those company flyers – will surely be set aside for later. Then when they do get to doing it, they might waste a lot of productivity on a miscellaneous task, veering them away from their priorities.

Graphic designers, with their skill and knowledge, will be able to complete and create designs in a far less amount of time, increasing overall productivity at your office and getting to you focus on what matters most with your business.

Saves you money

If you or your staff have spent so much time not just designing materials for your company but actually having to learn first how to make them or go about the interface and tools of your select computer program, chances are you’ve just wasted time that could have gone to earning more money for the business. As previously mentioned, time spent chained to your computer learning and slowly making a promotional poster (for example) might have been better spent sitting down with a client and pitching your products and services to them while a designer is working on your materials.

Designers will at the same time help you cut printing costs later on. The designs they created will have been optimised for the printer or publisher’s convenience and cost-effective for your company’s end.


Consistency, consistency, consistency

Design is mostly going to be involved in the marketing aspect of your business – your materials should after all introduce your brand and attract the right market. But if your designs have been haphazardly made or you may have just been creating them by yourself on a “need-for-now” point of view, more or less they won’t look unified and consistent across the board.

Designers are able to match all the elements of your marketing materials. They have their eyes on the finer details; balancing elements such as typefaces, colors and patterns in ensuring designs are consistent regardless of its media. From your flyers to even social media postings, the designs will look consistent and professional, and one that audiences will surely recognize quite easily.

A fresh perspective

Have you ever written a literary piece or just taken a simple photo, and immediately asked for another person’s opinion? Say a friend or colleague whose thoughts and point of view mattered for reasons that you might just be missing something or it could be improved for the better.

The same thing goes with creating designs for your brand or company. Often you might have gotten used to things as they are, and in reality people have their own internal biases as well. These can truly get in the way of your brand from achieving a look that could make jaws drop and people stop right in their tracks.

Having a designer in the picture brings in fresh ideas and even more creative perspectives. Each designer brings their unique flair to the project and broadens your perspective of what your brand could not only look but achieve; their skill and colorful ideas could lead to more amazing outcomes than from having only you doing everything yourself.


Be unique, be noticed

Standing out from competition is important to capture customers. Unfortunately it cannot be achieved by putting together a random assortment of shapes, images and clip art grabbed from the far edges of the internet. You might just end up looking like your competitors and that essentially blends you in with the rest.

Having a designer or subscribing to design service opens you to the opportunity of looking unique. Designers will have the professional skills and tools to create materials tailored to your brand and target market. Being unique gets you noticed, and brings in business.


There are plenty of reasons as it is to get a designer on board your team, or have yourself subscribe to a reliable graphic design service. Business is business and at the end of the day, getting the help of designers is about effectiveness and efficiency. Great designers not only create good-looking designs, they create ones that work. Putting designs together takes some time with a lot of thinking and ideating, and designers carry out this arduous task to help you get the results you want. This ultimately saves you from plenty of headaches, and leaves you more space to focus on building your business.

Subscribing to a design service or having a designer by your side would be of great benefit to anyone running a business. They provide creative input and valuable insight into the possibilities of design. At best, they may even help you break the limits of what your brand can achieve through their craftsmanship in graphic design.

So stop hesitating, take a step back, focus on what you need to do and let the designer take care of your designs for you.

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